A Samaritan Woman

I was born in a traditional Taiwanese family in Taipei. I received Buddism as my religion without knowing why and whom I worshipped. I also went to some Christian children meetings. I brought one NT (New Taiwan) dollar each time when I went to the childrenís meeting, and I put it in the offering bag in exchange for snacks. I was never zealous about my religion or God.

When I was twenty-four years old, my heart felt like a seventy year old. I was hungry and thirsty for something that could make me truly happy. In my desperation, the Lord Jesus found me through my high school friend. She took me to some meetings of the local church in Yon-Ho City. I was impressed by those believersí positive and good attitude toward their life and God. In the beginning, I still refused to become a ďmember.Ē My friend advised me that my prayer might be heard after my being baptized. I was willing to give it a try because I felt I was at the end of the road. (Christ is the way!) After my baptism, my spirit was enlivened, and my sense of Christ within me was recovered. I have tasted Godís life. Now I really live.

Not until I had been saved for over two years, did I know that these interesting and wonderful books I had read were all messages given by Witness Lee or Watchman Nee. I always presumed that Christian messages had been long established. I didnít even know who Witness Lee was. I never felt that there was a certain leading one in the four localities I have been to. There is only Christ in every locality. I have received so much brotherly love from the members of Christ wherever I go. After praying for my marriage for three years, I met my husband in 1992 when I went to attend one of Witness Leeís Life-Study trainings in Anaheim, California. During the four years of separation before we got married (I was in Taiwan working, and he was in Tucson studying for his Ph.D), I had a wonderful fellowship which ushered me through that difficult time. Years later, my daughter was born on one Lordís Day. I was experiencing labor with the Lord by calling on His name during the contractions. He is my Comforter (2 Cor. 1:3; John 15:26). I now trust Him in raising my daughter. He is my counselor (Isaiah 9:6). Thank Him for finding me, the one who had never thought of seeking God.