My Choice

I am a family man. I am married with two children and have a better than average career in government service. As a young college student, I attended an evening meeting of the local church where I lived. I received Christ in a very simple way through a genuine prayer, one on one with another Christian. That happened over 23 years ago and I began a long, life-fulfilling, relationship with God and the believers in the churches.

Unlike others, I only met with this local church for a few years. I moved out of town and began to meet in many denominational congregations where I was. By comparison, I began to see many differences in church mission, doctrine and practice. During the four intervening years, and though I was a former member, I was received in a warm, loving manner by the believers in the local churches. I always enjoyed the many believers I met. After five years, I was drawn back to the local churches by the writings of Watchman Nee and Witness Lee. I read the book, The All-inclusive Christ, by Witness Lee. My view of Christ was enlarged beyond my previous, nominal, barely-biblical, traditional view.

In my contact with the brothers and sisters in the local churches, I was cherished by them. In my reading of the writings of Witness Lee the result has been that my love for God has been warmed up and made fervent. Since I received Christ and began following Him, my relationship with my father and mother has grown deeper and more satisfying. In big or small decisions, I turn to my fatherís advice beside asking God in prayer.