Dropping My Concepts and Eating

In 1979, I was saved out of the world and into Christ. I met in a denomination for six months, but I hungered for more life. I found a group of seeking believers in a different denomination. After two years, a small group of us who were still desperate for more reality left the denomination and began meeting in the home of one couple. They had read several books by Watchman Nee. This couple began to meet with the local church on Saturday nights and then brought the riches from that meeting to our Sunday morning meetings. I was watered and nourished more than ever in my Christian walk. I longed for this place of “springs”.

I attended my first Lord’s Table meeting (1 Corinthians 10:21) with much excitement. I was joyful, yet bothered. These people surely had some wonderful truth, but their outward practices of calling on the Lord and saying “Amen” really surprised me. I continued to attend the meetings because of the rich teaching. I remained in my mind for several meetings, judging my brothers and sisters for their outward behavior and enjoyment, when finally, the Lord broke through and shined in my heart through the line in a hymn, “Just drop your concepts and eat that tree” (Hymns, #1237). Hallelujah for that release of my spirit!

I can testify that the church is my home where I can be cherished and nourished. It is a school where I am being taught, and it is a hospital where I am being cared for and healed. What a practical place to experience the riches of Christ (Ephesians 3:8).

Charles Hennessy