In the Father’s House to Stay

Having come to the Lord Jesus for the first time in 1966, and after five years of wandering in the “wilderness” of Christian religion, the Lord brought me to the local churches. I regained the experience of Christ, which I had that first day. Christ was so real to me, and I was home.

Not fully realizing the subtlety of Satan, and not being fully mature in Christ, I was drawn off by the worlds of education, entertainment, and electronics. My heart became hardened and I blamed God for my misfortunes. I lost my marriage, family, and the local church, which I had vowed never to leave. I ran away, sinking further and further into the corruption, which is in the world. I sank so low that I could not even recognize myself. At the lowest point I wandered nearly mindless on the city streets for two days (one of which I still cannot remember).

The turn back to the Lord was slow and psychologically painful, but this time it was real and deep. In 1996, I turned again to the Lord and began meeting with the local churches again. Since returning I have truly found Christ who’s all in all (Col.3:11). My testimony is that He is so rich and loving, real, enjoyable, and so fully available in His Body, the church (Eph.1:22-23), made up of all His believers and that my fellowship with Him and with other members of His Body is truly “joy unspeakable and full of glory” (Hymns, #1153). I am glad that I have come into the experience of Him in the local church!

Charles Hennessy