Seeking Reality

I was born and raised in a Christian denomination. I will never forget all of the altar calls and the continuous failures on my behalf to make it. I also will never forget all of the teachings leaving me empty. Nothing matched the inward sensation of Christ I had, and I felt alone and desperate for something real. It seems that there were only requirements on me, and I saw no real goal. I was desperately seeking for something I could believe in.

By His mercy alone was I led to the local church. It was a day I will never forget for I felt as if I was born again, again. What they spoke made so much sense I wondered why I never thought of such a thing. There is one church, for one city, with one expression, how simple, how real, and how glorious. Why not? Why not? Why not? I believed it, oh how marvelous, oh how glorious, Christ could be King. I was believing, I was feeding, I was really living, the Bible was real and I was experiencing Him as my one reality of all.

My Christ and the church, and God were more real to me than ever.

Now, nine years later, many things in my life have really improved, even been made new. You see, Christ is reality (John 1:17) and newness of life (Romans 6:4), and He is also the Truth and the way (John 14:6).

Going on in the Christian life is difficult, as the gate is narrow and the path straight. The self is seemingly forever a problem and even though I have had some reality wrought into my being, I am lacking and desperate before the Lord for more of Himself. I need Him to be grace to me. I enjoy one meaning of grace I have heard more and more every day I go on. I canít make it, I canít take, it but His grace is sufficient (1 Cor. 12:9).