A Change in Direction, Twice!

I became a real Christian right after college. This was a sudden and unexpected surprise to me as I was not seeking God but was content with the fine education I had received and my prospects in the world. Becoming a Christian caused me to ask the Lord, “Why?” Why was I born, why did He find me, why was I now a Christian?

I spent one year traveling through the various flavors of Christianity trying to find the answers to my questions. I was born to walk in God’s footsteps and be a good person, I was told. He found me so that I could give my money to support preachers so that others could get saved. I was a Christian so that I could be saved from hell and go to heaven one day. These were the answers I received. I was very unsatisfied and discouraged.

I told the Lord that he had to do a better job in answering my questions. After all, He found me, and I wasn’t looking for Him. He then changed my direction again and brought me into contact with the writings of Watchman Nee and Witness Lee. These brothers in the Lord showed me that the only reason to be alive was to know and gain God; that He found me to be a part of His purpose; and that I was a Christian to have Christ grow in me, to build me up with other Christians, and to be one with them so that Christ could live in us and have a Body to express Himself to the entire universe for all eternity!

I started reading the ministry of Watchman Nee and Witness Lee in 1976. I found out that what they wrote, which just opened up the contents of the Bible to me, could be practiced. I started meeting with Christian brothers and sisters in the local churches in 1977. The ministry of these two brothers and the practice of living the life of a genuine Christian as demonstrated by the believers in the local churches have helped shape the person that I am. Over the last two decades, my enduring testimony has caused many friends and family members to be saved from the world, receive the Lord to grow in Him and also to be built up in the local churches for the expression of His Body (Eph. 1:22-23).

Praise the Lord for the ministry of these two brothers and the practical expression of the local churches throughout the entire earth.